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Are you married and going through the motions?

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Then let's change that right now because ain't nobody got time for that! Nobody gets married to get divorced or to be miserable. And right now, you may be missing out on having a fun, exciting and fulfilling marriage because you're acting like a married woman, not a wife.


And it starts with you changing the way you show up! It's that simple.

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I love celebrating the relationship I've shared with my hubby for over a decade. And although I'm married, I haven't always been a wife. Read that again. I had no idea that I can choose who I show up as in my marriage, and that's the big difference between being a happy wife or being a miserable one.

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And meet LB online for a mini lesson. Once a month, LB meets 30 women online for a .30 minute mini lesson on how to be a better wife. It's so much fun hanging out in the live classes and getting your relationship questions answered.

Topics like How to Get Him to do More When You Feel Like You're Doing Everything and knowing How to Bounce Back After a Blow Up highlight the real issues that every marriage/relationship goes through, but LB shows you how to handle it like a wife, not a married woman. 


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Women want to know the secret to how I g
Women want to know the secret to how I g

"I did my work then, and years later I’m still doing my work, because being a wife is an assignment." 

Hey, I'm LB,
The WifeCoach®

My first lesson in learning the difference between being a married woman and being a wife was to tame my tongue. I didn’t know how to talk to Derek in a respectful way. In fact, he told me I was hard to talk to. Ouch! I was a married woman: Mrs. Nagging, Mrs. Controlling, and even Mrs. Always Right.

I wasn't blatantly disrespectful, but I was Mrs. Sarcastic (another married woman), and not just with my words but my facial expressions and body language. I used sarcasm to let him know how I felt, not knowing the damage it would cause in my marriage. It was a valuable lesson I didn’t learn when I was busy wedding planning. 

Guess what? Over 60% of marriages end in divorce due to communication problems or as I like to say it, not knowing how to talk to each other. So, I had to work on Mrs. Sarcastic and change how I expressed myself. I had to learn how to think before I speak and filter my words, because life and death are in the power of the tongue. If we didn't push pause on the wedding planning and sign up for premarital training and education, I was going to be Mrs. Married for real, never fully understanding the power I had within to be a good wife who knew how to treat her husband.

Now, I teach women like you how to be the difference in their marriages, too. When you know you're married to the right man, but find your marriage going all wrong, the best way to change that is to become the change you want to see. 

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Teach Me How to be a Wife Intensive

My ladies want to know the secret to how I got my hubby to open up to talk to me, show affection, and honor and love me so deeply, so I created the only intensive that's changing married women into fun, happy and irresistible wives. And I've been making marriages happy, one wife at a time with each cohort I teach. 

But before we hop on a call for your Mrs. Married Makeover session to see if you're a good fit for my premium coaching program in wife development, be sure to do your pre-work and take my FREE TRAINING first, then apply.

What She Said!


Women want to know the secret to how I g

I wish this course was a 52-week class, even a lifetime membership! Her wealth of marital knowledge is priceless and insurmountable.

Rita, Intensive Participant

I have to wonder if my husband is sneaking and reading my notes because he too has changed. This has been a GREAT class for us. Thank you so much!

Agnes, Intensive Participant

This isn’t my first marriage, yet this is the first time that I am actually learning what being a wife is! Truth hurts sometimes, but the reward is so much better! When I tell you it has been an awakening in my life and my marriage. I am beyond pleased with this class! Is it Monday yet? Thanks, LB! You are phenomenal!


Yolanda, Intensive Participant


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